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Elevate your footwear experience with Alcantara—a trademark of softness and durability. This unique fabric strikes a perfect balance between elasticity and thinness, as proven by friction tests. It offers lasting comfort and conforms seamlessly to your foot's contours. Please note that size references are provided for guidance in Italian shoe sizes.

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Elevate your footwear experience to new heights with Alcantara, a registered trademark renowned for its fusion of plush softness and exceptional durability. Our fabric's unique distinction lies not only in its subtle elasticity but also in the delicate balance it strikes between a featherlight profile and impressive resilience.

Rigorous friction tests have unequivocally demonstrated Alcantara's unmatched endurance, even when compared to fabrics of similar lightweight construction. This remarkable material ensures longevity without compromising on comfort, perfectly conforming to your foot's contours.

Please Note: The size references provided alongside each measurement serve as helpful guidance for our valued clients, though they remain non-binding and are expressed in Italian shoe sizes. Explore the world of Alcantara and elevate your footwear experience today.

Size chart:

  • XXS - 9-12 (US children size)
  • XS - 13-14.5 (US children size)
  • S - 3-4 (US women size)
  • M - 4-6 (US women size)
  • L - 5.5-7.5 (US women size)
  • XL - 8+ (US women size)

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